January 16th, 2012


The reason there are no simple answers

I have a set of word fridge magnets, haiku themed, that were a gift for Christmas. They are quite cool. We have made such poetic lines as "She investigates concrete" and "We like mushrooms". However today I noticed there is no 'woman' in the set. And before you ask, there is a 'man'. We have 'him' and 'her' and 'his' but not 'hers'. I am unimpressed by the lack of haiku-able femininity.

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And in case you haven't been paying attention, these increasingly-accurate models are projecting a minimum of two degrees warming even if we reduce our emissions today. Two degrees? Not much eh? Have a look at what the increasingly accurate models are saying the impact of two degrees would be. And remember, they are now saying a minimum of two degrees. Meanwhile, 2010 was a record year for emissions, and 2011 is shaping up to be another.

So, um, do something* please. Like, now. And convince those around you to do something too - including voting with this as a major issue. Because if you don't, we are all fucked, essentially.

Finally, we lost Ben Hana yesterday. Ben was an institution in Wellington. He wasn't only a character who pretty much everyone recognised, he was a symbol of a city in which homelessness did not make one invisible. Tell me something, Wellingtonians - now Ben is gone do you know the names of any of the homeless people here any more? Because there's a bunch of them. I hope the outpouring of *dunno what to call it* for Ben doesn't lead to self-satisfied backpatting and ignoring the issues that he made plainer by his presence.

* I feel pretty justified in spitting on people who drive inessential SUVs to be honest. Those folks? Don't care if I die and they place their status above my survival. Fuck them.