January 13th, 2012


In which boffins get nerdy about machines and I get nose-stalactites

Today we went to the GNS Isotope Laboratory in Seaview. Here is the GNS Science logo:

Here is another one you might be familiar with:


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So yeah. No repulsion gel to be seen (or at least, not that they were letting us see). Bummer. Listening to the AMS guy's views on thorium-based nuclear power as a potential energy source was interesting though!

From what I could see, lab work is similar to any other kind of office work but with better machines - the tasks there are quite demarcated and I imagine the analysis stuff is more interesting in terms of actually making discoveries - but that's all computer based so not interesting to show folks on a field trip. I am still of the mind that the things science discovers are very interesting, but the methods to discover them are.. not. At least, not from what I've seen so far.