January 10th, 2012


In which I go back on my word and remember why I gave up science

This morning's lecture was on atmospheric chemistry. It was delivered by a scientist from Boulder, and she talked nineteen to the dozen in an accent very similar to tyellas's. This was her first lecture and she managed to go 10 minutes overtime even with the rushed pace, and it was all relevant. Yikes.

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So yeah, another day of science. All interesting stuff, but I have to say that in this case while the science is quite fascinating, I reckon it's only useful insofar as it provides information about how things are. I'm more interested in what to do with that information. Luckily tomorrow's lectures are about NZ's specific vulnerabilities to climate change, and a potentially interesting one called "Providing Guidelines to Policy Makers" by someone called D. Wratt. Up my alley, I reckon.

And this evening instead of working, I had a lovely conversation with dreadbeard who neither died nor freaked out and ran away when I fed him food I had cooked. He's the first person outside family (where family includes Polly and Dr Wheel) that I've cooked for since maybe 2001? Yikes. Thank you for being my sacrificial guinea pig, Bunny. ;-) Hope you survive the night.