January 9th, 2012


In which I am unimpressed

The course I'm doing has been notable by its absence from Blackboard in the leadup to it. However, I'm the eternal optimist and so this morning before heading up there I had one last look to see if there was a textbook I needed and what the assignments would be. And lo and behold, there it was!

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So that's what we learned today. Don't worry, I won't be doing a blow by blow account of the whole course.

I was home by 5 and am still somewhat disgruntled about the lack of information (and about bloody compulsory tutorials!) - but I think it's probably a good thing overall that I'm not trying to work and do this at the same time. I suspect it will be quite intense.

Also, the delectable Dr Wheel should be almost in Hong Kong by now. Every day he's there is a day closer to him not being there. <3

Sometimes it really is all about food

You may have noticed that yesterday was a day for staying indoors. It wasn't actually that cold but it rained heavily all day, and apart from the emergency mission to the vegie market we stayed indoors all day.

I wanted to do a fancy dinner for Dr Wheel's last night here and as mentioned this involved pre-preparing side dishes.

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Today Dr Wheel flies back to Hong Kong - but only for three weeks which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Our house is nicer with him in it, and I'm already looking forward to when it's not a temporary thing.

And this week, NZ Post is going to deliver my Filament and my Over Sea, Under Stone which should both have arrived before Christmas. You hear me, NZ Post?