January 8th, 2012


Pictures of shelves and fruit for your enjoyment

Our house is made of concrete pillars and high ceilings and old school conversions from things that weren't apartments. Consequently it has weird little gaps in places. It also lacks storage. This gap at the bottom of the stairs where a concrete pillar was not quite in the right place to be flush with the wall, was screaming to be used for something.

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Now I'm going to attempt to make a recipe out of a recipe book. The thing itself looks simple (vegetarian couscous) but it says to serve it with things that require effort. But, I'm all for learning how to make sauces and sides, so damn it I'll give it a go.

Also, my blogging may be a bit weirdly timed over the next three weeks because the crash block course starts tomorrow and I've no idea how much of my time that'll eat. Be good without me, mmk?