January 6th, 2012


My brain is the lizard king and it can do anything

Last night we ate a lot of steak in honour of how my brother is old. It was brought home to me yet again how awesome it is to be able to wander home from anywhere in town in less than 10 minutes. And in other good things from yesterday, my car passed its warrant with just a new set of wiper blades. Sweet!

In not so good things, I managed to exit-without-saving from all the work I did yesterday. This is the first time I've done that in about 3 years. Luckily, the work I did is based on having spent the last 4 months reading stuff, so I can do it again from memory fairly quickly.

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I'm alone in the office for the day. I am tempted to make a bunch of tiny tents and occupy someone's desk, but I'm afraid it will make it look like I haven't been working. Gosh I am such a dork.

And I will be going to Fidels tonight after work. All you layabouts that are still on holiday should take time out from your sunbathing and pina coladas to come join me. Dr Wheel will be there too, the last time before he leaves for his final three-week stint in Hong Kong. You should come say hi.