January 5th, 2012


VSM, Student Services and fees hikes, oh my.

This year I will be paying $650 in Student Services Levy. This is up from $522 last year, an increase of $128. I'm a part time student and have no idea what the charge is for full time students. As an adult student who is a NZ citizen with a reasonable amount of support and a good brain, I don't use the student services very much at all - in fact I think I've used Student Health a grand total of four times during my study and nothing else.

Suffice to say I am probably subsidising other people's use of the services, and I don't really mind doing this.

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I mentioned this on Twitter and some guy smugly informed me that since the Levy hike was smaller this year, the VSM had obviously drastically arrested the increase. Yet, the increase only came after the VSM was passed. You tell me whether the increase would have happened regardless, whether it would have been bigger or smaller.

All I know is that the government said it would save me money and surprise surprise, I'm actually paying more. Weasel words, they are a thing.