December 30th, 2011


No I am not dead

I have been in Australia for four countem four days and have successfully managed to avoid being eaten by bats, crocodiles, sharks, snakes or those heinously large cockroaches. I have been chased by nothing poisonous.

Today we went to the aquarium with thirstygirl and I drank a schooner of beer. Yes, beer. With alcohol in it and everything.

Tomorrow we will party like it's 1999 and then get on a plane.

Sydney is nice. The weather is nice, the vistas are nice, everything is kind of pretty and interesting, getting around is easy, everything's.. nice. I suspect living here would breed in me the kind of relaxed, easygoing complacency that I fear most and can easily avoid by living in a town like Wellington that requires active participation.

I do like the signs on the buses telling people not to be a wanker though. That is cool.