December 19th, 2011


In which I fall down some stairs and showcase my talented friends

One of the things I've been feeling lately is the lack of balance in my social group. You see, I know a LOT of tech people. Which is fine, tech is interesting, but to me it's only interesting insofar as it allows me to achieve things that are creative/interesting/dangerous/fun. A lot of my tech friends are interested in tech in and of itself and I'm.. not. Of my non-techfreak friends, two are currently unavailable - one in Australia and the other working nights - and I'm missing them a lot. I would like conversations that are not about tech.

So, I'm making an effort to get out and about more and hang out with people to just shoot the shit, to seek out people who are not tech-centric. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE living in the future, but ALL TECH ALL THE TIME is not my flavour so I'm seeking to remix the mix of conversations I have.

Anyway, I also have some very talented friends, and this weekend two of them shone.

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This video is tieke doing her first performance on a piece of aerial apparatus she developed herself. I told you I have clever friends!

I was going to add a bunch of commentary to this but I think maybe it should speak for itself. tieke, of course, is more critical than anyone else would be. We went for a skate yesterday and had a big debrief but really? I'm still just going whoah. Because of the impact of the ethereal vibe tieke exudes when she's performing, combined with the impression of weightlessness provided by the apparatus. Ah, shit, commentary. Oh well. Watch it, see for yourself.

Pipi performed as well, doing a tissu piece that was not your standard trick/drop/trick tissu piece. She flowed over the tissu, pulling off moves that require fearsome strength and making it look like she was having a relaxing stretching session or something. I am now officially a little bit in love with her. Which turned me into something of a drooling idiot when I talked to her after the show. Doh.

But hey look, I left the house and hung out with people and had normal conversations about normal stuff and it was awesome.

Did I mention Dr Wheel's home on Saturday?