December 16th, 2011


This is probably relevant to some of you

This morning I was reading my flist and came across a post in one of the snark communities that links to this thread in sfd_anon. "So what?" you might say. If you read the thread you'll see it's about a victim-blamey post made in the community women_survivors, and most decent people would be all "Yeah, that person deserves to be called out." So, what's the problem?

The problem is that women_survivors is supposed to be a safe space where people can talk about anything to do with their abuse, and someone in that community has taken it upon themselves to copy/paste something from there into sfd_anon. Never mind that most of us disapprove of what the person said - the fact remains that she should have been able to say it in that community in the confidence that it would not be shared anywhere else. That is expressly in the rules of the community and it was me that asked for it specifically because I noticed the amount of overlap between the membership and that of anon. I gave the community the benefit of the doubt even though one of the members is friends with someone who muckraked my journal and posted stuff to anon from here, but I never posted anything there I wouldn't be willing to talk about publicly.

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I was going to write today about what I perceive to be elitism within the geek community but now I can't be arsed. So have a hamster on acid instead: