December 15th, 2011


I think it might be a superpower

Yesterday we had a person come to our office and do medical checkups on everyone. I think it was a medical insurance company trying to drum up business, but I'm not in the market for that - however I took advantage of the free checkup. They did weight, height, BMI, waist measurement (?), blood sugar, cholesterol, and a bunch of questions about health, diet and exercise. I am apparently smack in the middle of normal for everything, have a perfect cholesterol ratio (whatever that is) and am likely to live longer than average based on my scores. Thus, with the advance of technology and transhumanism, I fully expect to live forever. *nod*

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Meanwhile, I see billboards have gone up around town warning people to avoid getting into debt this Christmas. That's..interesting. I don't think I've ever seen a billboard campaign to stop people spending unnecessarily. And in other kiwi bollocks news, it seems our prime minister really does think he's still in the playground. Dunno about you, but to me this reads like "You can't be in my gang narny narny narny!" Because, you know, addressing poverty is all about who gets left out of the discussion, right? Oh wait, the opposite of that.

And, tell me this doesn't make you cringe a little and cross your legs: