December 12th, 2011


In which I am sucked in by merchandise and get silly with bread

I've never really been big on merchandise - mostly I think it's a bit.. wanky? ..opportunistic? .. something, anyway - to try and capitalise on a thing by selling another thing with the first thing on it. However, when I saw the Portal 2 coasters on ThinkGeek I couldn't resist. Not that I need more coasters, but, well.

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This is an interesting article on the male privilege of gaming, and why a lot of the men involved in gaming don't see it. It's written by a man. I find myself in two minds about it, in that I appreciate what he's saying and agree with it, but it's frustrating to know that women have been saying this since forever and getting told to shut up, they're imagining it, get back to the kitchen, in fact everything on the bingo card that's made for this issue. So a guy says it and hey look, other guys listen. Nope, not frustrating at all... /sarcasm.

Also, in the comments, there's a bit about the way in which 'no voice' (a la Chell from Portal) is used to make The Character Is You more relatable as a game style. Which is neat, since most games where the character is predetermined force you to play a guy - but I hadn't thought of it in these terms. More points for Portal, I reckon. There is also a lot of bullshit in the comments, such as guys discussing their view of which female characters are sexy or not and having to be corrected by women - but for the most part it's one of the more civilised discussions of this issue I've seen.

Last week I went out two countem TWO times to be sociable! Check me out with my social butterflyness.