December 9th, 2011


In which I infiltrate academia and talk videogames with a sociologist

One of the exciting things about Christmas In The Future is that we get to order things off the internet, and then parcels arrive! Even though they aren't for me, I find that doesn't actually matter all that much because the thrill of getting a parcel and opening it to look at the new!shiny! thing inside is the same regardless. This week I'm expecting four separate deliveries so I'm in a constant state of childish excitement. Funny - I know what's in the parcels but the gap between ordering and receiving them makes it something of a surprise anyway, and that adds to the thrill. Brains are weird.

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I am getting tired of the twice-daily rigmarole of aftercare. Not the showers, they're nice - but the rest of it. I haven't come out in a rash from having my skin covered so thoroughly yet - it's been 7 days tomorrow, I have to keep it up for at least 10. I suspect that by then I'll be ready to just let it do its thing, but the treatment is definitely working in terms of creating the desired visual/textural effect. Shearing tomorrow could be interesting.

Yesterday I picked up my final missing book in the Dark is Rising series, Over Sea, Under Stone for $2 ex-library. This makes me happy.

tl;dr I'm not actually an academic impostor and can hold my own with Teh Brainy People. Who knew? (everyone except me yeah i know shut up)