December 8th, 2011


Spot the n00b, over there mashing the keyboard

I think I must be the slowest progressor of Bioshock ever. I didn't play at all over the weekend, and since I have this analysis work on I am only really playing for half an hour in the mornings. Thus, I haven't even got to the first boss yet. I'm getting fairly close but at this rate the game will last me at least until next year. It's.. economical to play like this but not very satisfying for the part of me that likes to make actual progress.

I'm doing that 'explore every nook' thing as well, since this game seems to be full of little bits and bobs hidden in corners and behind things. I may get annoyed with this at some point but right now I'm all "Hey, $2 and a packet of chips! Awesome!" And Hacking All The Things! Because I can't hack for shit in real life so in a game where I get to be SuperHacker2000 just by solving puzzles? I'm in.

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And in Get A Life news, probably the silliest flamewar I've ever seen happened on Twitter last night. Apparently a group of childfree people objected to the use of the hashtag #childfree by some Australian parents who were talking about what they were going to do in their time without kids over the holidays. Apparently being temporarily free of their children does not make them childfree enough to be allowed to use the tag. The parents did not like being told they could not use words of their choosing, and it devlolved into one of those "I'm better than you because bullshit reason #HASHTAG!!" highly intellectual debates. What is it about having children or not having them that makes people so rabid about what other people do/say?

Tonight I'm going to a book launch for this book, which was edited by the guy I'm doing the BZP analysis work for. Apparently there will be drinks afterwards, at which I will meet boffins. I believe this may well be my first academic schmoozing thing. Yikes!