December 5th, 2011


Sleeping in makes the weekend shorter. ;-/

I have glad wrap stuck to my back. It's.. plasticky. At the moment the whole deal is taking about half an hour and I'm doing it twice a day. Shower, in which I rub Dr Bronners into the cuts; peroxide/toothbrush scrubbing; coat with vaseline; apply glad wrap and stick down. All of this has to be done using two mirrors so I can see what I'm doing (last time Polly did the peroxide bit for me yay her!). I have to keep this up for two weeks, including walking around with glad wrap stuck to my back the entire time. Meanwhile, it seems Wellington's getting quite warm. Sweaty Tats is sweaty. Hmm..

Speaking of Sweaty Tats - I don't want to stop going to the gym. The wound is covered and since it's staying moist because of the treatment, the movement of exercise isn't very painful. Mostly I'm concerned about other people's perceptions - it's commonly accepted that you shouldn't hang out in that kind of shared space with open wounds for the safety of others, you know? But two weeks is a long time for me to not be able to go when I'm in the habit of going several times a week, and hooping is out (I tried it, it pulls the skin sideways too much) which doesn't leave a lot of options, you know?

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Oh oh oh, I also made grape sorbet (and ate the lot). It was yummy like a yummy thing and I'm glad I did because I looked at the recipe again and realised it said "1/2 tsp of lemon zest" not "the zest of a lemon" which is what I had been using. Doh.

Oh yeah - after the scarring on Saturday, pombagira suggested I pull a card. I have three decks, two of which are mixed together, based on animals and plants from the country where I was born. Meanings are ascribed to them (like tarot) but I'm not really a 'read the future' kind of girl, I use them more as a basis for reflection than anything else. As usual, my card fell out while I was shuffling them - I'm pretty sure this is why they make such decks so big and unwieldy! ;-) It was the wolf card, one that brings with it images of community and of knowing one's place within the dynamic of a group (amongst other things I won't go into here). Interesting given the way I had isolated myself over the course of Mum's illness, and how the intent of the scar working was at least in part to leave behind that part of my life. Hmm.

*pause here to go woogie woogie woogie*

Also, there was an earthquake on Saturday night - quite a decent one. I am pleased to report my tall furniture stayed upright (which it wouldn't have - stuff did fall over and off windowsills) due to being screwed to the wall. My first reaction was "What the hell do you do when you're two stories up and surrounded by concrete anyway?" I figure that staying toward the centre of the building would be the most useful but really I don't know. Anyway, if you haven't screwed your stuff to the wall yet, please do it. Cheers.

Oh yeah, if you oppose the asset sales, you should probably sign this. And tell all your friends.