December 2nd, 2011


In which I am the opposite of cutting edge

Last night I gleefully installed Bioshock on my main machine. Yes, I am that up with the times. It was recommended to me as an absorbing crossover between FPS and RPG - I've always leaned towards RPGs for the storylines but I enjoyed Unreal Tournament for the short time I played it so I figured this might be a good way to expand my horizons.

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In case you hadn't noticed, the Hypno-Tree is up again this year. My offspring and his friends have made it a bit of a hangout, but don't let that put you off, they're quite nice. He was down there yesterday (sans sunscreen - pink teenager is pink, and somewhat chagrined), and again in the evening, hanging out with friends. Mum note here: moving into town has been good for his social life. Hmm..

Anyway, some of us should probably do this at some point. I know fuvenusrs will be around over Christmas (dates plz lady!) and that would be a good time, just saying.

My mission for this weekend, other than getting my scar finished and playing video games, is to put a shelf in the bathroom for Dr Wheel's shaving stuff, hang some more pictures, and visit pombagira in her eyrie. If you want to come visit me, I might feed you cookies since I'll be all inactive which makes me stir crazy.

Ah shit, I forgot to do empresskylon's questions. Next time!