December 1st, 2011


Serious question, looking for feedback

After yesterday's commentary on the Courtenay Central Mall Music, today I walked through and WHEECHRISTMASCAROLS! Actually, not Christmas carols - I think it might have been the New Kids On The Block Christmas Album.. *googles* Nope, not that. Turns out it was Jon Bon Jovi. I kid you not. I informed my team of this and the CEO's response was "Argh! Argh!" and running off to hide in his office. Have I mentioned how much I like the people I work with?

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So I thought I'd ask for your advice. "It's your blog, write about whatever you want" is a bit pointless to say as I already know this and you may have noticed that's exactly what I do. However I'm talking about a conscious effort to change what I write about for the sake of my own sanity. But I don't just write for me, I write for everyone who reads it as well, and I'm interested in your opinions of a) what I write and b) what changes you reckon would be good.

I note that the last three days have been completely non-political posts (deliberately). I've enjoyed the conversations in the comments immensely. I kind of miss the days when silliness was the norm here. Do you?