November 30th, 2011


I am going to be such a troublesome grandma

A couple of months ago my walk to work involved traipsing around the waterfront, where I would observe the various goings-on in the harbour, Frank Kitts Park and the events centre. Now, I walk down Cuba Mall, along Dixon and Courtenay, and through Courtenay Central (mall thing with food court) to get to my place of work. Differences I've noticed are that I see who's begging in Cuba Mall today, I smell a lot more bacon cooking, and get accosted by less folks selling stuff/handing out samples/collecting for charity*. Also, now I walk through Courtenay Central daily, I notice their music. They seem to have the Reader's Digest Golden Hits Of The 80s Box Set and play it on random all day every day. This morning it was Love of the Common People by Paul Young. It.. sets a certain tone for my day. Also, I am really glad that Madonna had voice lessons some time in the 80s because Holiday is painful to the ears. Just saying.

* Train station crowds are a captive audience and there's a daily gauntlet of Folks Trying To Separate You From Your Money to get through. You have to choose who to stop for or give to, and what ends up happening is that you develop a hard shell and ignore all of them regardless of how worthy you think their cause is, because otherwise you'd never get to work or home with your wallet intact.

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Last night I cleaned mould off my bathroom ceiling. Not a lot, but enough to make me go " ... " There is an extractor fan but it's positioned over the toilet and its distance from the vent in the bathroom renders it rather ineffective. I think there needs to be another one, directly over the bathroom, as well. This can't be that hard - there's a crawl space that you enter from the toilet room, I guess I could climb up and have a look. I'm a little afraid of what I might find though.

I am enjoying reading the answers to yesterday's questions. Thank you to those who asked for them. Also, I'm putting this here for easy reference for myself. I'm told it's not safe for work, and since it's billed as the type of porn that Victorian-era folk consumed when it began to be produced on industrial scale, I'm gonna take their word for it and wait till I get home. Don't ask.