November 29th, 2011


In which I am a creepy stalker and ramble about books some

Dear world, I do not have high blood pressure. I also do not have a problem with too much blood. So please explain to me why I'm having this sudden rash of blood letting? Also, my kiwifruit-peeling-with-a-knife skills? Not so great ackshully. Practice, right? Hopefully I won't bleed to death in that time.

In other news, there is no absorbed twin attached to my cochlea. As expected, the answer to why I'm deaf in my left ear is "Fucked if we know". So I guess I just deal, and buy a hearing aid when it becomes bad enough to negatively impact my life.

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Since I'm getting more work done and there will probably be pictures, I figured I should fill the new folks on my flist in on the scarification thing. Here are some photos of the process (warning, blood). Here's one from a week later, and here's one from the dermal punching session. So far it's been two hours of tattooing, a 6 hour session of cutting, an hour or so of dermal punching and 2 sessions of laser treatment to remove the leftover tattoo lines. This weekend I go in for the final touch-ups to the parts that have not scarred as fully as they could have (mostly right between my shoulder blades). It's been nearly a year since we started and several years since the idea first germinated*. I am looking forward to it being finished and will celebrate by making the dress that I've also been cogitating about, that I can wear to show it.

* One of the fun things that happened when I was preparing to have this done was that some wanker (on LJ) accused me of cultural appropriation. I found that.. ignorant to be honest. Anyone who thinks that scarification is a purely African practice and that if I do it I am appropriating because I'm white, needs to go read some fucking history. Just saying.

Last night I added to my garden again - this time some silverbeet and more basil (you can never have too much basil), and a purely decorative pot of hot pink impatiens with a large purple coleus in the centre. In DIY news, I added a caddy to the corner of my bath/shower so the soap doesn't do that gunky thing on the edge of the bath. It's amazing how much more homey the shower looks with one of those. And now I'm considering attempting to grow bamboo indoors. Anyone know anything about this?