November 24th, 2011


When you bang your head on lots of walls, sometimes a brick falls out

Dr Wheel flies out for Hong Kong tonight. *sadface* Although, in some respects it's a good thing because if we spent many more mornings in bed drinking coffee together our house would end up looking like the bridge of the Enterprise. Also, he'll be back for Christmas! And this time I'm allowed to tell people and be excited and stuff, so yay! I can do a month standing on my head*. We are nearing the end of this adventure in long distance relationships and lo! We have survived it, and learned a whole bunch of stuff about communicating when you don't get to see each other daily along the way.

In other domestic news, the frangipani does have a fragrance, but because only one flower's out it's a barely-there kind of one. It's stronger at night.

* Possibly not literally.

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On the topic of social movement stuff, my lecturer's comment on the research I did into motivations to become Anonymous was that I should publish it in some form. I have no idea how to go about that. I'm used to using this space as my soapbox. Also, I'm an undergrad and this research was done to pass a course. Have any of you attempted to publish undergrad work? How on earth do you go about it? I've no idea if my work is actually that interesting or important - my conclusion was along the lines of "Hey look, this shrouded organisation and its adherents fit the theories too! BTW if you want to do your own research, here's a thing that might be interesting." It would also need substantial polishing and possibly more pie charts.

So, um, yeah. Advice from the qualified please?