November 21st, 2011


Calling all frangipani experts. Surely there must be one on here!

rivet! rivet! The frangipani is flowering OMG OMG OMG! I am excite!

Mostly I am excite because when rivet gave me this plant I was all "Oh shit it's tropical I have no idea how to care for tropical plants." Luckily, the internet knows everything and was able to give me instructions on how to care for it. Imagine my horror when I did what the internet said and the first thing that happened was that all the leaves dropped off it! Again luckily, the internet informed me that frangipani are deciduous. Phew! And pretty soon it had shiny new leaves - loads of them. And then it got buds and I've been waiting for them to open because frangipani scent is lovely and I have a teeny-tiny balcony and it'd be nice, right? Well, it opened yesterday, to reveal a strange looking flower.

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As a consequence, I have not really been around this weekend. I have no clue if anything of import happened on the internet, and have not read LJ (sorry, normally I'm pretty good at keeping up). Please tell me if there's anything I should give attention to.

Today I plan to vote. I realised I'm supposed to be shearing on Saturday so figured I should vote early. However, the election folks have not yet acknowledged that I now live in Wellington Central and I can see there being some issues with me trying to vote there. I refuse to vote in Ohariu as I've lived here for more than a month now and done everything right - so giving myself a few days to sort any kinks sounds like a good plan.

Also, I'll be glad when the election bullshit is over, even though I'm afraid of the outcome.