November 18th, 2011


In which I literally make you a sandwich

Sinfest is getting controversial. For those who don't normally follow it, the female character is 'Nique, who has just become aware of the patriarchy, which Ishida is using a Matrix metaphor to describe. Every time this story arc comes up, it's slammed by a bunch of men who see it as irrelevant, boring, annoying, etc. Today's guy thinks that 'Nique seeing the dominance structures that hang around BigE is a personal affront to all men, and posts a tirade about his tough life and why this story arc is sexist.


I do think the reply is pretty good. It's frustrating though - this story arc is about the (previously pretty much only) woman in the story and her personal journey - it's not about the guys who are reading it, why do they make it about them and why is it so controversial to bring up this subject?

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I just got my mark for Social Movements and the State back. 93% omgomgomg yay! I am inordinately pleased by this, as it means my tally so far is now twice as many A+ as A, and one more A than A-, making for a pretty tidy points average. Last night I was thinking about how much I enjoy research and analysis and wondering if heading down that track may be worth considering. My undergrad marks are certainly good enough, but I'm aware I'd have to do a doctorate then churn my way through the murk of academia to get to the point where I'm getting paid to do it, and I'm paid reasonably well now. Hmm..

Finally, I have a SURPRISE! It's better than the one in Portal 2. You should come to Fidels tonight, where I will be deploying said SURPRISE.