November 17th, 2011


In which I speak with a bad Italian accent and get covered in flour

Disclaimer: I know other people do this sort of thing on a regular basis and it's really no big deal. But for me, who's spent a lifetime having an aversion to cooking and is only discovering for the first time that it can be fun, it's a Fantastic! Exciting! Adventure! That I have to share with the world. If you find my dabbling in the arcane world of food preparation boring*, just scroll on by. Otherwise, come enjoy with me!

* hehe, I was going to add a link for the bored to a site called - The Science of Having Fun! But on the front page of Funology it says Let's Make Some Cupcakes - so you have a choice, cupcakes or pizza.

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So this week I’ve made soft tortillas AND pizza bases as my new things. Thats two countem two kinds of fast food I can now make. Protip: making pizza this way is not fast. There’s a fair bit of waiting involved and about 45 minutes of actual prep time. In future I will start as soon as I get home and do my DIY while the dough is doing its thing in the cupboard (whatever it is, it must be strenuous because it needs a rest after), because last night we didn’t eat until 8pm and that’s a bit late for me.

Tonight, I will cook something easy, stare wistfully at my new planter that I can’t do anything with till payday, code some more interviews and maybe indulge in random acts of shaving.