November 16th, 2011


Last bit o shearing talk for a few days

Last night was my last lot of sheep for a bit, a flock of Suffolks and a new client. I'm always a bit nervous of new clients because you never know what you'll find when you get there, whether they'll have a yard, whether the sheep will be in, whether I'll be shearing on the side of a hill in the teeth of a southerly, whether the sheep will be Giant Obese Heffalumps or Skinny Toast Racks That You Have To Cut The Wool Off With A Chainsaw. It's traumatic, I tell you!

I needn't have worried. The sheep were in and empty, the yard was well built and had more than one pen (so I could catch them easily and shear them somewhere else), and the folks were all ready. As an added bonus, one of them bore a remarkable resemblance to Christopher Walken (the people not the sheep).

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So it seems the Zucotti Park occupiers were evicted last night. It sounds like an underhanded way of going about it, and the way the police did not allow journalists into the area is dodgy as fuck. I am awaiting developments. Regardless of what happens, Occupy Wall Street has captured the attention of the world, and people are starting to get it. That article's from someone who took a while to realise what the movement is about. Meanwhile, the way the occupations have been policed is coming under scrutiny in the wider context of WTF is happening to our so-called democratic western societies.

In news closer to home, Occupy Wellington has received a letter from Wellington City Council asking them to give a 'definite date of departure'. It's been made clear that the council wants the occupiers out, but it seems loathe to use force and is attempting instead to pressure them to leave of their own accord. There's a Special Assembly tonight at 6pm to discuss a response to this.

And if you were wondering why we need an Occupy movement in New Zealand, have a look at this. Make sure you read the comments. It's about extravagant spending on dinners by a government organisation that had recently made large cuts to staff perks. The comments demonstrate the kiwi split - we have those who think it's perfectly fair to do that, and those who think it's hypocritical and wrong, but restrict their action to commenting on Stuff. I find myself wondering how many of the commentors on either side have also commented on Occupy articles about the dirty hippies who need to get a job. And if you're still not convinced, check this one out. Our Prime Minister was caught on tape having a cup of tea with one of our more bigoted politicians, and his contempt for the citizens of this country was recorded and found its way into the media. While this may damage his reputation some, his party is still polling well and meanwhile, the journalist that did it may face 2 years in prison. Personally, I think there's something seriously wrong with this and that's why the Occupy movement is so valuable.

And in case you skimmed over it before and still don't get it, here's that article again. We have it better than the US but there's something rotten here too (beneficiary-bashing, anyone?) and it could stand to be pointed out. Just saying.

* I hear all the youngins going "WTF is a telephone cable?" don't you think I don't.