November 15th, 2011


A post about sheep that takes a turn for the weird

Yesterday I had a wardrobe malfunction, in that my favourite skirt that I've worn at least once a week for four years, finally gave up the ghost. It did it by disintegrating where my arse goes when I'm sitting, and also in one of the side seams. The fabric just.. fell apart. I spent the rest of the day with my jersey tied round my waist to save the world from the bright-white-spotlight that was beaming from my bum out the back of my skirt, and will consider using the non-worn remainder to make a smaller skirt, but yeah.

This coincides with all my socks getting holey at once, and the bobbles on my favourite cardy going from tolerable to you-bought-that-at-shanton-didn't-you in the space of a week. The hems on several skirts are falling down too. ;-/ I need more clothes. I am partially tempted to buy them because right now my obsession is gardening, but it's true I am short of projects having finished The Ugliest Hat, so maybe I ought to score some fabric and get sewing in my copious free time.

Also, I have 350m of fairly lightweight (similar weight to tatting thread but with hairy/tassely bits on) yarn in navy blue and black. I don't know what to do with it - I suspect it'd make a nice shawl or wrap or shrug but I'd have to learn to crochet. Anyway, anyone have a pattern to hand for something funky I could make with this?

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So at this point I'll just go *woogie woogie woogie* and leave it at that, huh?