November 14th, 2011

going native

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday I was all "MARKET! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! SKATING*! BAKING!" And that's sort of how it went. I stripped the market of green leafy vegetables and apparently small onions although the ones I got aren't that small - they were just smaller than softballs because unless you're feeding a rugby team, who needs a 500g onion? This time I had money left over which allowed me to spend $10 at the plant stall. I got two tomato plants, an oregano, two dianthus and five pansies in different colours.

By the time I'd carted my booty home, cleaned all the things including the bloody oven, and hung a picture OMG I HUNG A PICTURE WUT and finally found a spot for my fancy clock, it was 2pm and I had gardening on my mind now I had a) balcony space and b) plants!

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Last night I made kebabs, to get rid of the leftover garlic yoghurt sauce from the other day. I've never made tortillas before and I need some practice with the rolling pin but they were kebab-y and they held together and the Youth of Today was impressed (as was I). Ph3ar my adventurousness in which I make easy stuff!



* You'll note there was no skating in this post. But look at my pretty plants!