November 12th, 2011


In which I give some sheep a mohawk and perform DIY

Today dawned fine. Yes it bloody did, how many of you were up at dawn, huh? The sun was out, I swear!

Anyway, I dragged the Youth of Today out of bed and caught the bus up to Brooklyn, grabbed my car and was on the job ready to start just before 8. We had to wait a bit while the sheep came in and then we had to draft the lambs off, but by 8:30 we were going strong. Alas, my weather curse is still hanging about, and I'd only been shearing half an hour when the clouds started to roll in from the south. Half an hour later it was raining hard enough to stop, but in that time Graham had grabbed out all the wethers to be shorn ready for the works. To tell them apart from the ewes, he got me to leave a tuft on their heads. This one was particularly rocking his 'do:

Collapse )

Because, um.. actually no. I got nothing.

Did I mention I have tomorrow off? I am going to try to sleep in past sunrise. It'll be awesome!