November 11th, 2011


Fridays come round fast in shearing season

Hehe - I read something this morning about good listening, open-ended questioning and problem solving skills, and it made me miss rivet like whoah. Not because I have any big problems to solve but because the way it was described reminded me so much of her.

I am weird. She is awesome. Luckily, there's a bunch of us going to visit over New Years and I am excite!

I found this. It's a site where you put in what music you're listening to and it tells you what drink you should have with it. I was curious to see whether it acknowledged the existence of non-alcoholic beverages, and it does! In fact, it goes a bit further. My results:

1. The Beatles - mescal
2. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - straight vodka
3. Cosm - fucking rum (as opposed to, you know, that prudish rum. also, i'm not convinced they got the right cosm)
4. Faithless - marijuana
5. Shpongle - water and 7-up.

So Drinkify gets the Tats stamp of approval for not only having non-alcoholic drinks and other social tonics, but for recognising Shpongle! (OK I didn't try anything really obscure - feel free to enter your weirdest music and tell me in the comments if it had it and what you should drink with it).

The kedgeree went really well. I used smoked blue warehou which is a strong fish with large flakes that wouldn't disappear into the mix. I also made garlic yoghurt sauce* and it went really well with the whole thing - which surprised me, but there you go.

* Making sauces? Bloody hell what's up with that?

This weekend I have an indeterminate number of sheep booked in for Saturday and on Sunday I have THE DAY OFF OMGOMGOMG! An actual scheduled one where I don't have to get up at 5:30 and check the weather before knowing if it's true! I shall use it to give my house a thorough clean, hang up mah clothes line, and chill the fuck out.

PS I have a secret.