November 10th, 2011

this is the hook

Check out mah internal monologue, it runs at 160bpm

I seem to be struggling a bit with rice. When you put it in the pot it's so small, but then when it's cooked it's so BIG! Consequently I have a lot of leftover rice. I plan to freeze about half of it, but am looking for suggestions for tasty things to do with leftover rice. I'm thinking throw in some vegies and some yummy thing like bacon or smoked fish and some eggs and fry it all up together - but it'd be neat to have a few more options. I am envisioning some flavoursome savoury thing that holds together and can be sliced. But maybe I'm dreaming.

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Last night I put a varnish coat on the DIY clothes hanger. On Tuesday I painted it green using some old student acrylic I had, and now it's being coated with a combination of mahogany stain and varnish to protect it from the elements. The green is showing through and I must say, it looks kind of nice. Next project, a cupboard for the patio in which I can put gardening stuff. Possibly also in green.

It's now been three weeks and I'm tired of waiting for my uni result. Why can't they mark it instantly? Meanwhile, revisiting the BZP interviews is proving interesting. I can code 2 or 3 a night and the analysis terms seem to be emerging as I read, which makes life easier because I was a bit at sea for a while there. Not really looking forward to analysing Anita's ones though. That is going to be a bit weird ;-/

Also, I finished Glasshouse. Stross redeemed himself in the last quarter by bringing the mindfuck. I'm going to say nobody does mindfuck quite like Stross* - and I think the reason it works so well is that his worlds are believable and the mindfuck is subtle, until the moment that it's not and then you go "Whoah ok so that's been happening since the start." So yes, I would recommend this book, but women - be prepared to be pissed off at the whinging. Being a woman is not that bad, Charlie, and I wish you wouldn't go on about it as if it is.

* I say this in the hopes that all the geeks will go "Actually, X does and you should read this this and this." Cunning, me.