November 9th, 2011


When hashtags attack!

About 45 Sydney Occupiers were evicted by 100 riot police last night. 5 of them had been squatting in an empty building to highlight the lack of inner-city housing in Australia, and about 40 people came to attempt to support them when the police showed up. They were 'moved on' by cops who broke in with grinders and arrested the 5.

In contrast, here's the statement from Dunedin police in response to the Dunedin Council's attempt to trespass the protestors to move them on:

"The Courts have made it clear that any power to trespass people protesting in a public place must be exercised reasonably, and must balance the rights and freedoms of those involved. To date Police have not been made aware of any activity by the protesters that would justify Police intervention in the protest. Police will continue to monitor the situation. We acknowledge and understand that this occupation is frustrating for both the Council and some members of the public. In the meantime, we remain willing to continue working with both council representatives and Occupy Dunedin to resolve this matter. Police have today advised the Council of our position."

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I've been following the #mencallmethings hashtag. It was started by Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown in response to the way that women bloggers on the internet are subjected to gender-based abuse in ways that men are not. It's been interesting, particularly when the MRA trolls turned up to ensure that nobody will ever want to fuck them. However, it's now being taken over by one very determined poster who believes the hashtag centres cis women and therefore is a bad thing.

As a cis woman who tries very hard to be aware and respond to intersectionality, I understand where the poster is coming from but ffs sometimes things ARE about cis women, and gender-based abuse on the internet is one of those things. Trans women have it way worse but I'm not seeing anywhere in this thing where anyone's excluded trans women - and being cis does not make you immune to this kind of abuse. Just saying.

Also, when are we going to get over 'going viral' as a way of saying 'is suddenly popular on the internet'? It's starting to sound like business wankspeak.