November 8th, 2011


In which our house is a hive of industry

Gosh, they've hung the Christmas decorations in Courtenay Central! *meep* Of course we know what this means - not long till Dr Wheel's return! And I get concurrent time off work. So, um, I'll see you about two weeks later?


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My next mission once the washing line's hung is to plant out the balcony. There are super-sunny bits that get sun from 3ish till dark at full bore, there are bits that have lots of light but no full sun, and bits that are in the shade all the time. Thus, I should be able to have an interesting (if mini) balcony garden. I would like to mix ornamental plants with vegies and herbs. Plz to be telling me what plants you think are essential!

In other domestic goddess news, I used the mincer vernacularity gave me on Saturday to make a kilo and a bit of minced beef. It was messy but fun and saved me $4 a kilo on bought mince. Score! Did I mention it's fun? Now I want to Mince All The Things!