November 7th, 2011


In which I am entertained by the locals and they don't mind that I smell

This weekend was quite the weekend for me. Despite the weather threatening (and occasionally following through) all day Friday, it was warm and windy enough for the sheep to be dry for Saturday and at at 10 am I arrived at the new client's place and she had most of her sheep in. Hopping over the fence to help, I spotted the neighbour doing the same thing and in short order the five remaining ones decided compliance was better than more running and in they went.

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And then I got home and made a batch of chocolate chip biscuits because that's what all shearers do when they get home from shearing. While doing this I changed my hair. It's now a dark auburn colour with pink streaks in a couple of places. I will take photos but the Sunday evening of a weekend spent shearing sheep is not when you'll catch me looking my best so there are none yet. A lady has her limits!

Also, I didn't get an interview for the job. They said my CV was very impressive and I have similar skills to those who will be interviewed, but that the others had experience in public health policy and legislative change. Ah well. I wrote thanking them for the feedback and asking that they keep my CV on file.

I guess your normal programming will resume now - with seminormal hair! (i like it)