November 4th, 2011


Fridays just got a whole lot better.

After all the suggestions yesterday I have realised that forever really is a bit of hyperbole. I have always said I look forward to having completely white hair (probably around 60 like my Mum) after which I will dye my hair in rainbows. Y'see this thing about becoming more invisible with age seems quite true, and IMO that will give me freedom to do a bunch of things that you can't get away with while you're still being policed at a younger age.

Watch me be the weirdest Grandma ever. Or maybe the coolest. Or just the scariest. I haven't decided yet - but rainbow hair is definitely on the cards.

Thinking this makes me feel better about losing the pink.

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So while I still wouldn't say I am enjoying myself, I do feel I'm making progress on all the things I want to make progress on, and physically I'm feeling pretty good. I'm slowly swapping the gym for incidental exercise again which is a sign that I've more time to do things I find fun.

And next week I plan to book in for the final work on my scar. Ooh, exciting! ;-)

Tonight I am Fidelling instead of Occupying. Check me out being all irresponsible n shit!