November 3rd, 2011


On the sacrifices we make to be taken seriously

I have pink hair.

"Whoah, Tats, what a revelation!" NOT

I first changed the colour of my hair in 2001, and it gradually went from Added Blonde Bits through Hey Look Red to Red and Black to Purple and Brown to Orange, Purple and Pink to Just Pink. It was a bit of a boiled frog scenario, in that nobody really noticed it was getting more and more unnatural-coloured until it was all the colours of the sunset and by then it was too late.

So in essence I have had unnatural-coloured hair for at least 6 years and it has been universally popular.

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So the question then becomes, what colour? I'm thinking medium-to-dark brown. Do you think I'd get away with leaving a pink streak in somewhere?

* I am under no illusions that it's just my hair - I have impressed them in other ways too, but it remains that it's my hair they comment on when they talk about how cool I am.

** Except people who disagree with me on political issues. This is weird and I don't comprehend it but there you go.