November 2nd, 2011


In which I walk through town dressed in shit

Random question: Is it my imagination or are American Football pads getting smaller? When I was a kid it seemed they wore gigantic wire cages as big as their heads, now they seem to be only half the size of their heads.

Anyway, last night I broke the Curse Of Making It Rain. Well actually, I didn't - I just finished shearing before the rain started.. and I mean just finished. As in, big drops falling on me as I packed up. Luckily it was only 7 sheep and these ones are well cared for Perendales, thus fast and easy (and relatively small). It was the first time I've dropped my car off and walked home in my shearing greasies. The sheep having been a bit full, I also had shit all over me and, well.. it was a whole new level of self-consciousness. Luckily I didn't have to share an elevator with anyone but I could see folks eyeing me, especially since from the neck up I was all Office Girl in my alice band and from there down I was all Mum Jeans And Black Singlet And Sheep Shit.

Check me out with my classy stylings! *cough*

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K just a friendly reminder to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who just celebrated Halloween/Samhain and are now possibly celebrating Dia de los Muertos or your own equivalent, down here in upside-down land we just passed the opposite spoke. It's spring (and how!), Halloween's not really a thing here because it doesn't fit the season, and for those of a pagan bent, Beltane is the name of the game. I don't talk much about my spiritual practice and it doesn't celebrate the crossquarters anyway, but I'm certainly feeling the spoke go past this year.

So for those of you who do mark the spokes in the wheel, regardless of what hemisphere you're in, what did you do?

PS I have a secret.