November 1st, 2011


Full disclosure

Okay so today I'm going to talk about some stuff that's pretty damn close and pretty damn raw. I was going to talk about some fluffy stuff but then I read The Hand Mirror and something that's been brewing for a while popped up.

Y'see, I believe in integrity as the ultimate goal - that is, where what's on the inside and what's on the outside are the same thing. For me, part of it is disclosure. How can I have complete integrity if I'm not completely honest about myself?

What I'm about to say might piss some of you off. If it does, you'll have to deal with it. We clear? Good.

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I'm leaving this post open. It's a risk, I know. But, full disclosure. And I'm tired of feeling like I should have to hide things. If this upsets you, deal with it.

If you thought I was a decent person before reading this and now you're wondering if I am, please check yourself.