October 31st, 2011


Generic Mums don't skate for fun mmk?

Once again the sheep were wet, in fact the word from Horokiwi was "I can wring actual water out of them" so I had another weekend off. Yesterday was stunningly sunny so I went for a skate.


I haven't skated since before I started Uni, so that's four years. Gosh. So instead of diving in all "Yeah yeah stairs rails halfpipenyah" I very staidly walked down to the waterfront carrying my skates and feeling like a dick in bare feet and my kneepads*, and put my skates on down there on the flat. Then I skated out to Ngauranga Gorge in the bike lane, then back and out to the end of Oriental Parade, then home. It took about an hour and by the end of it I had my feet back.

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Then I went home and despaired because my offspring seems about to start growing again, and this is preceded as usual by the Empty The Fridge phase. This week by the time I did the groceries on Saturday, the fridge had a squeezy bottle of tomato sauce and some mustard in it. No bread, no milk, no fruit, no vegies, not even noodles. All gone. Yikes!

So I thought I'd try baking. *cue gasps of shock* I have no baking recipes but figured the internet would know. The internet did not, however, know what ingredients I don't have. I had some dried fruit that I will never eat, but no vanilla essence or baking powder or any bakey type things. I ended up bastardising a recipe for fruit slice by taking out half the sugar and replacing it with Weetbix, and it made 12 biscuity things that the Youth of Today pronounced to be tasty and promptly ate half of them.

I have come to the conclusion that cooking is about the art of flavour and texture with things swapping in and out reasonably well, rather than an exact science requiring precise measurements of perfectly matched ingredients. I may think that because I haven't tried anything really hard yet.

But yeah, so far so good. Feeding giant teenagers on the cheap - tips please?

*Do not ever skate without kneepads. Sooner or later something you don't expect will happen and you will regret it in that "Fuck now I need a knee operation" kind of way.