October 28th, 2011


In which I get my head scanned and learn something from an Occupier

Dear weather,

You suck. Also, please stop messing with me.

No love, Tats

I don't think I'll be shearing any sheep this afternoon. I doubt I'll be shearing any tomorrow either. I am kind of tired of this already because I have to act as if I'll be shearing right up until the last minute when the weather alters my plans. This includes going and getting my car from Brooklyn. At least today I have another car-related mission.

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Yesterday I sat in on a workshop on group facilitation run by a young man named Scatty. Now I'm a trained facilitator and have participated in quite a few facilitation courses over the years. I have to say, Scatty's course was as useful as any of them - he covered the necessary things such as watching body language, ensuring voices are heard, recognising consensus and when it hasn't been reached, when to take control and when to sit back and listen, how to ensure a discussion stays within timeframe, what to do with issues that need further discussion in future, and seeking feedback. The only difference between his course and the ones my employers have paid a lot of money for is that his took an hour and we did it sitting cross legged on the ground in Civic Square using handouts scribbled in Vivid on cardboard.

Scatty is not trained. He's waiting for the fruit picking season to start so he can travel and work. He's fucking good at facilitation and he's busy teaching other people how to do it so that the Occupy democracy can work better.

These people are not useless bums. Please remember this and tell everyone you know.

Because this has been all SRS BSNS lately

Conversation with colleague about sibling-inflicted injuries. Here's mine.

Me and my brother, tiger hunting. I was the tiger, he had a bamboo spear. He was a better shot, and I a slower tiger, than either of us thought. One trip to the hospital, three stitches later, I still have the scar on my leg.