October 26th, 2011


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

As seen on the Wellingtonista this morning - "..a dinner without wine is not a dinner at all.."

*cough* So I guess that's what I've been doing wrong then. What I'd like to know is how alcohol got to be so entrenched in culture that people actually say things like that as if it's universally true, whereas pretty much every other form of recreational substance is a social taboo to discuss. And why did we let that happen? I'm guessing that it's because most people like alcohol and are therefore happy that they have this one substance they can use openly, and don't give a shit about the rest of us who don't have that. We should just learn to like it, amirite? *mutter*

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Last night I attempted a 'healthy' potato dish involving baked potato fans. I find it hard to imagine anything that contains a tbsp of olive oil (substituted for the butter the recipe asked for) and 5 tbsp of cheese, being all that healthy. I guess compared to deep-fried chips with cheese on they'd be healthy, but hmm.. it was a bit stodgy for my taste. The Youth Of Today not only scoffed his share, but some time in the night the leftover spuds and the double-handful of leftover vegies also disappeared.

I am thankful that the stuff my offspring is snacking on in the middle of the night is relatively nutritious. I've noticed a change in both our demeanours since I started cooking. This is awesome. ;-)

If this video were from a Middle Eastern country...

The US government would be the first to condemn it.

But it's not. It's Oakland, California. The Oakland PD should be ashamed of itself.

Update: More details on the injured man. Apparently he's in a 'serious but stable' condition in hospital with head injuries from being hit in the head by a tear gas projectile. They are still trying to figure out what the explosive thing was that was thrown into the crowd that gathered to help him. The police deny it was a flash-bang grenade.