October 21st, 2011


In which I talk to a 'dole bludger' about his 'freeloading'

Yesterday at lunchtime I handed in my essay about motivations to become Anonymous. When I got back to work after lunch there was an email waiting for me with my work plan for the latest lot of analysis. Remember back in 2008 when I interviewed all those people about BZP? And then again in 2009? Well, apparently my interviews were shiny enough so now they're being used in a cohort study and they're going to give me money to analyse them for themes.

That's 12 repeat interviews, and 6 themes. The thing I just handed in had 435 respondents and 10 themes. Only because this is paid work I'm all "Gotta do this really well argh". I guess I could look at it like, well, I paid for the course I just finished so in some respects the work to pass it is like paid work in that 'don't lose your money' kind of way..

But the interview transcripts are coming by mail and they haven't arrived yet so I get a few days' reprieve in which to kick back and relax shear some sheep.

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Meanwhile, I hope it doesn't rain. I have 20-odd sheep booked in for tomorrow and 45 for Monday. Tomorrow is my favourite lot - the Arapawas in Tawa - and a new client who doesn't know what breed her sheep are. I will take pictures. And probably be hobbling like a little old lady on Monday.

I will be at Fidels this evening and will also be dropping in to see the occupiers. Today is day 7, they are doing well!