October 20th, 2011


Today's instalment on OccupyWellington

The old house finally got cleaned. After I handed over the key, I had to get the cleaning company to liaise with the landlords because I could no longer arrange access. I just heard from the landlord saying they did the job ok but actually getting them there was a nightmare. Now, I got these guys on a TreatMe deal, I'd already paid for the work and a bit extra for some other stuff I wanted done. They had my money then stuffed me, and my landlord around. So in case you are considering using A-OK Solutions in the future, don't. They clean just fine but they don't call when they aren't going to make it, and I had to threaten them with 'official action' before they returned my call to try and arrange service after they let me down the first time. Do Not Recommend.

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Today I'm gonna leave you with this:

And this, the latest DomPost article in which the comments could use some Tats LJ flist style snark, just saying.