October 19th, 2011


In which I get my arse down to Occupy Wellington

Last night I sort-of took some of the advice I got yesterday. The Youth of Today wasn't home so I didn't bother cooking and I didn't do any unpacking. I'd used my weekly allotment of study time at work to finish the writing part of my essay so all that was left to do was find and add a bunch of quotes to back up my argument, and now there's only the fine-tuning to go. Since it's primary research I haven't gone as far over the word count as normal and I should have it finished today.

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Also, this morning (I do half an hour unpacking every morning before work) I found the floor in the study, got to the cupboard which is empty, and found my skates. The stuff still to put away falls into four broad categories: camping gear, party gear, sports gear and craft gear. The craft gear can stay out in the room (at least till Dr Wheel returns and needs desk space, at which point I'll consider a mezzanine with mah 12 foot stud), but the rest needs to find a place. The mission is to be fully unpacked by next weekend. Wish me luck.

I feel better today.