October 17th, 2011


Food experiment number one, and other weekend tales.

On Thursday I got a reply to this letter from Peter Dunne. Perhaps not surprisingly, he says he stands by his faith in our legislative process and that since Parliament has now risen for the election and there are no trade-deal related bills on the list right now, I should essentially not worry about it.

Clearly Peter Dunne does not represent my interests and I am glad I no longer live in his safe-seat electorate. Especially in light of this article from this morning, in which we discover that it's intended to keep the TPPA negotiating papers secret for four years after it comes into effect, and that the government has already blocked a petition for a select committee hearing on the implications of this agreement for New Zealand.

Yes that's right folks, the government doesn't want a select committee to discuss this (and I assume take submissions) before we're signed into it - and has in fact vetoed that possibility - but we're supposed to have faith that our legislative process will allow us to have our say before it becomes law.

Dunno about you, but I'm terrified of this. Meanwhile, Grant Robertson, the Labour MP for Wellington Central that many folks have advised me to strategically vote for, has not yet replied to the letter I sent him with the same questions. After some agitating on Twitter on Friday, I got him to undertake to reply to me. I'll keep you posted on whether he actually does and what he says. My vote will hinge on his response.

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So, um, what are some fun things to do with a large quantity of leftover risotto then?

Also, you'll note that in that food pic I am wearing a singlet, at 7pm at night. The door is also open. Have I mentioned how much I like my warm house? I thought my last house was warm but that was only by comparison to my previous two houses. Now I actually live in a warm house and it's AWESOME.

Tonight - visiting the occupiers, more unpacking, doing things with leftover rotto, and writing about moral shocks as motivation to protest.

Shearing season starts on Saturday. *meep*