October 14th, 2011


I'll sleep when I'm dead

Last night I checked out Moore Wilson's and was a little overwhelmed. It's so big there are two departments! Bloody hell this city slicker business is complicated. Anyway, I gleaned that for staples and tinned and dry goods, it seems to beat the other supermarkets around town, price wise if not selection wise. Milk and eggs also seem to be either the same or cheaper. But things like cheese and produce and meat seemed considerably more expensive. Is this right?

Also, experienced townies, can you tell me if the Chaffers Market does meat? Last week I was in a hurry and only saw produce and on-the-spot bready things. Advice from the city-oriented as to the economical places to procure foodstuffs would be awesome pretty please?

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I will be at Fidels tonight, after which I will walk home and it will take 5 minutes. Mwuahahahaha.

This weekend I'm writing an essay, earthquake-bracketing my tall furniture which will lead to more efficient unpacking because then I'll be able to use my tall furniture, hanging some towel rails, possibly hanging some pictures, and hunting/gathering city style (not sure what this means yet). Somewhere in there I'd like to get down and show some solidarity with the OccupyWellington group. I suspect that I'll be making a sign that says "Capital gains tax the 1% now plz". Well, someone has to do it.