October 13th, 2011


In which I make pie charts on a kids' school website

When I checked last night, it turned out that someone had turned my hot water cylinder up as high as it would go - that's over 75 degrees! WTF why would you do that? That's hot enough to really do damage! Not just to skin but to my bank account. Anyway, now it's down to a much more sensible 60 degrees - still warmer than recommended at the tap but since it has to travel through cold pipes to get there I figure that's pretty close. The cupboard isn't like a sauna now. *phew*

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Also, you get a gold star if you read that, because while I find it endlessly fascinating I'm not sure you do.

Last night I heard John Key's said that taxpayers may end up footing the bill for the Rena disaster if the shipping company's insurance doesn't cover it. The cynic in me is going "Oh, taxpayers. That'd be those of us poor enough to actually pay tax, ie not Key and his cronies."

Injustice frame. Remember these words.

* Incidentally, the involvement of Anonymous in the Occupy movement was discussed on the site I'm studying as far back as August.