October 12th, 2011

this is the hook

Of appliances, hand kissers, and why Charles Stross can kiss my arse instead

Yesterday while taking delivery of whiteware, I got the phone call that my cylinder wrap had arrived. I'd been told this was a straightforward job and the whole thing comes in a kit. How hard can it be, right?

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And after taking delivery of my shiny new dishwasher yesterday I got brought down to earth with a thump this morning. The recycling bins sit in the alley behind the building, and this morning I thought I'd drop ours in on the way to work. It was fine till I lifted the lid for the paper skip, and it all moved and a guy sat up and looked at me blearily.

"Just having a kip" he said. "Sorry dude" I said, feeling somewhat like you do when you walk in on someone on the toilet.

He helped me put my cardboard in and then closed the lid and I was on my way. I feel stink about having woken him up and very weird about being a homeowner with a shiny new German dishwasher that I'm rapt about while there's a guy sleeping in a skip 20m away. Wondering if it'd be a good idea to start leaving him some breakfast - I can see that being either a really good or a really bad thing. Hmm..

So yeah. Um. Welcome to city life Tats. At 41 you are still a bit naive.

The great Tell Tats What to Cook post

OK flist, I figure you're all better at cooking than me, and I'm wanting to get better. To this end, I plan to learn one new thing a week. Which leads to the question - BUT WHAT TO LEARN? This is where you come in.

Please to be posting your favourite recipe for me to try and make. I'm ok with desserty cakey things but I'm more interested in what to feed myself and my offspring of an evening. Inspire me!

Pretty please?

PS we like things with lots of vegies. Well, I do - the Youth of Today eats whatever you throw at him.