October 7th, 2011


Who the hell is Gini and why do we care?

The death of Steve Jobs is affecting me very strangely. I'm not into Apple products, in fact I haven't used them much since the early 80s when the first computers my school had were Apple ones. This is partly chance but lately also due to my aversion to planned obsolescence - I see people rushing to buy the latest iGadget even though the last version is only a year old, and go "Holy messedup waste of resources, batman" as I continue making sure my tech gear lasts at least three years.

So yeah, not a fangirl. But he was a very famous man who had a lasting impact on the world, and so he was never going to die quietly and yesterday I witnessed an outpouring of loss for one person that I haven't seen since Diana died.

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I will be at Fidels tonight but will be leaving early because I have to take my bed apart and load up the car again, this time with stereo and TV stuff.

I will be glad when this bit is over. You should come and visit me because I will have furniture and everything!

Oh and as expected, parliament passed the Spybill yesterday. I think Idiot Savant says it best. I left a comment on the Labour blog last week after Charles Chauvel's post about how disgusted they were with the Bill, asking if we'd see a firm stance from Labour on this issue. I received no reply, in fact I think my comment may have been deleted. Now I understand why - and it makes it clear why Labour is doing crap in the polls as well. Despite having some good policy (capital gains tax for example), they have no fucking backbone and seem to have no grasp of what OPPOSITION actually means. I don't want to vote for National Lite.

Also, no reply yet from the Labour candidate for Wellington Central on his stance on issues I care about.