October 6th, 2011


A question for naturalists (not to be confused with naturists)

What does snail wee look like? I think I might have been weed on by a snail. It was on one of my plants and I noticed it crawling up the dashboard of my car on the way in this morning. I didn't want to leave it there because it could end up anywhere and despite my reputation of being hardcore, the idea of this poor snail starving to death in my car or being fried in the heating system made me go *gnng* so I took it out and let it go. And as I was carrying it out of the concrete jungle to somewhere where there is actually greenery, it started to exude bubbly stuff and then a bunch of drips fell out of the side of its shell and all over my hand.

Now I'm curious. Naturally.

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One thing - the apartment intercom only works if you have a landline phone, which I hadn't bothered with. Now wondering if it'd be worth it to change from naked (which requires a different modem) or whether I ought to wait and see how much of an issue it is in this world of cellphones. Hmm..

Apparently the marches in which the unions join forces with #occupywallstreet are about to start happening. I'll be watching..

I'm just gonna leave this here

Lance Wiggs on how to avoid NZ becoming like the US.

He makes a valid point. Desperation is relative. Compared with people in Libya and Syria, those in the US have it pretty good. Compared with those in the US, we in NZ have it pretty good. Compared with some people in any one of the four countries already mentioned, plenty of us have it pretty crap. It's all relative and it's unfair to delegitimise the issues of those protesting in the US because their desperation is different from that of those in Syria, or those in NZ. Of course it is. Now can we stop slagging them off and get in behind their point? All of them? Because essentially we're all after the same thing here.