October 3rd, 2011


In which I buy a house and ramble about anarchy

Today I will spend more money than I ever have in my life before. The funny thing is, I don't actually do anything, it's all about solicitors running around with briefcases and some magic button that has to be pushed and I just sit there and await a phone call that says "Come get the keys!" (and the swipe card). It's all a bit exciting. Tonight I'll probably have a minor freakout like "OMG I AM SO FAR IN DEBT HOLYCRAPHOLYCRAPARGH!!" and by tomorrow I'll be all "Right, so about that balcony vegie garden.."

At some point I have to get another swipe card since the Youth of Today will also need to be able to get in. I'm told this involves talking to the BodyCorpManagerOfDoom. I don't wanna. Clearly I'm not over his being a dick about not giving me the last lot of info I needed, but maybe he'll be nicer now I actually own the thing. I hope so.

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To those who asked to see the Anonymous essay, I haven't forgotten - I'll post it later today. Last chance to be in on that.

Yesterday I got email from my current lecturer telling me she hopes I'll do postgrad study because "you seem to have a knack for research." I am squeeing over this vote of confidence. And on Friday, I was contacted by the guy I've been doing research assistant work for, asking me to do some analysis work for money, and offering me a writing credit on the result. To which I go "My name? On a thing? Hell yes!" And it's actually in my field too! O.o

(i'm still not sure why it's good to have your name on a thing but i do know it's good so yay!)

Right, I'm off to go obsessively refresh my bank account to see if I bought a house yet.