September 30th, 2011


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I have lately been really enjoying blur_kiwi's blog. It consists mainly of photos taken around the United Kingdom. The latest instalment includes pictures of Hadrian's Wall and a ruin of a Roman fort estimated to be about 2,000 years old. It's still relatively intact and you can see the bones of how it was built and I find that stuff fascinating.

Also, it's making me want to go to England. Stuff there is so old. I guess many people won't understand the appeal of old stuff, especially those living in countries with long histories of human habitation. But in New Zealand, outside estimates put the first human habitation at around 1,000 years ago and things like ruins are few and far between. There is a sense of history here but it's different - and it's only since after I left school that Maori history has even been part of the curriculum so many kiwis believe our history only goes back 200 years or so. Even including Maori history, NZ doesn't have that much Old Stuff Made By People lying about the countryside.

And I'm from England, but left young enough so I don't remember it at all, but had a storyteller of a father who painted it for me in shades of Yorkshire in the mid-20th Century, and I'd like to see for myself. Perhaps after I go to Murmansk.

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What else? Oh yeah, Do you reckon this is for real?. Seems the IMF suddenly thinks that decreasing inequality in a country might help with its growth. O.o Long-reaching ramifications if they actually make policy that reflects that. And, a thoughtful post from David Nutt about what harms might result if cannabis were legal, compared with current harms from alcohol.

PS Three more days! *squee*